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How to create publicity material with our templates

Create professional publicity materials, such as posters, newsletters, forms and leaflets, for free through the CPRE Prinkk design website - lots of branches are already benefitting from it.


Volunteer toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help CPRE branches with recruiting and managing volunteers. Use the short five-step guide and choose from almost 30 templates on all aspects of volunteering.


Chair recruitment and induction pack

Recruiting volunteers is always a challenge but finding the right Chair is particularly so. A good Chair will give direction and focus to work of your CPRE branch and provide strong leadership to your Trustees.

Finding a good fit for your group's needs is essential for your branch's good health and ongoing development so particular attention needs to be paid to the process of recruiting a new Chair. We have therefore, produced a comprehensive pack to guide you through this step by step.


Planning campaign briefing 3 - Housing

The purpose of this briefing is to assist understanding of the reforms to the town and country planning system introduced by the Localism Act 2011 and the NPPF (March 2012) and Planning Practice Guidance (PPG). It outlines the main changes and the issues to be aware of (Analysis) and advises on specific campaign topics (Campaign Advice).


PowerPoint presentations

Our PowerPoint presentation, 'Introducing the Campaign to Protect Rural England', is intended for audiences who may not be familiar with CPRE – from schools and local groups to potential members or even funders. It explains what we have achieved, what we campaign for, and how we will achieve our vision for the countryside.


"An impressive resource. Full of useful easy-to-read information"
Sally Hanrahan, CPRE Northamptonshire

"The Handbook captures all the best ways of doing the basics. Remember, someone did it before you!"
Geoff Lambert, CPRE Bedfordshire

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More for local groups

  • Circulars
  • Skills and Knowledge Directory
  • Trustee Board papers
  • Policy Committee papers

Planning Help


Help influence planning decisions where you live with our informative website.

Planning Help website

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