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Lydd Airport Extension Approved: Crazy Paving over the Garden of England

10 April 2013

The Government has confirmed a decision on the future of Lydd Airport. This afternoon, the Secretary of State's Decision was made public: the airport will be extended. Planning permission was also granted for a new terminal.

This decision will irreversibly damage the wildlife habitat and beautiful landscape unique to the area - the Dungeness peninsula is one of the most sensitive wildlife habitats in the world.

Neil Sinden, Director of Policy and Campaigns for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), says:

‘This is a terrible decision which threatens one of the few remaining areas of rural tranquillity in heavily pressured South East, and in a county once proudly described as the Garden of England. And it will not just alarm environmentalists.

‘There were many in the aviation sector who considered this scheme to be nonsensical and a non-starter. If there are any economic benefits, which is ulikely, they will be heavily outweighed by the environmental damage that it will cause on so many levels. Campaigners are bound to consider all legal options to have this disturbing decision overturned.’


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