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A small deposit delivers big benefits

10 July 2013

By putting a small deposit on each container, people are given the incentive to return their bottles or cans rather than throwing them away, in order to redeem it. Implementing a UK-wide scheme could lead to 3,000-4,300 full-time equivalent jobs being created across the country[1].

At the launch event, held at the British Library conference centre, results from a comprehensive pilot project in Catalunya, which ended 10 days ago, will be presented for the first time and preliminary findings from eight pilot projects in Scotland will also be shared.

There will also be a synopsis of the latest research from across Europe, as well as an explanation of how the deposit refund system is working in Germany after 10 years in operation.

Samantha Harding, CPRE’s Stop the Drop Campaign Manager, said:

'With millions of drinks containers made from finite resources sold every year in the UK, many of which end up as litter on land and at sea, we should do everything we can to capture them for recycling. We need people to know these containers are valuable, not to be freely discarded. A small deposit on each container has been shown to work well in other countries, creating jobs and keeping our countryside, towns and seas cleaner – why can’t we do it here?'

Speakers will be available for questions.


  1. From waste to work: the potential for a deposit refund system to create jobs in the UK examined the impacts of introducing a deposit refund system on the number and type of jobs involved in the collection and processing of beverage containers. From the combination of existing modelling and further research, the overall effect of the introduction of a scheme in the UK is predicted to lead to an increase in the number of jobs available by between 3,000 and 4,300 full-time-employees, depending on whether or not reprocessing jobs are included, as well as resulting in an overall increase in the number of higher-skilled jobs. The introduction of a scheme will therefore lead to an increase in green economy-based jobs.



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