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Lighting nuisance survey 2009/10: Report

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) came together in late 2009 to run a survey about how light pollution is affecting people’s lives. Our survey revealed that the main culprits are road lighting, domestic security lighting, street lights that are more than five years old, businesses, sports grounds and supermarkets. Light pollution can diminish people's view of the night sky and for many people disturb their sleep with stray light shining through windows. We want to see better planning regulations to control lighting.


Manifesto for the Landscape

CPRE's manifesto for securing the future of our finest landscapes and the countryside next door.


Mapping Tranquillity

Defining and assessing a valuable resource

Places that make us feel tranquil take us away from the stresses and strains of everyday life and help us to relax — but they face a multitude of threats and are shrinking in size. We have developed a new method of mapping tranquil areas which builds on our previous work. This methodology takes into account people's experiences of the countryside and what qualities contribute to a feeling of tranquillity. It also looks at what factors detract from tranquillity — people, landscape and noise are key themes. The resulting tranquillity maps can be used as an important indicator in helping to protect the the countryside. This report explains the research undertaken in the north east of England to develop the new methodology and mapping techniques in two pilot study areas: Northumberland National Park and the West Durham Coalfield.


National Parks: Planning for the Future

The Campaign for National Parks, the National Trust and the Campaign to Protect Rural England believe that the protection for National Parks should be strengthened. This briefing summarises the key findings from recent research we commissioned from Sheffield Hallam University examining the planning process for major developments in, or just outside, National Parks and sets out recommendations on how to improve their protection.


Night Blight 2016: Background report and methodology

Background report and methodology for Night Blight 2016


Night Blight 2016: Mapping England's Light Pollution and Dark Skies

CPRE's report looking at the findings from our interactive satellite maps of England's light pollution and dark skies. 


Night Blight! Leaflet

This A3, four page colour leaflet summarises our new campaign to save the starry night skies and our view of the Milky Way from fast-spreading light pollution. It also gives information on the extent of light pollution in every part of England.



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