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CPRE Local election manifesto 2018

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) campaigns for a beautiful and living countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

We are calling on all parties to develop better policies so we can: build the right houses in the right places, improve transport policy, protect dark skies and reduce light pollution, and continue to treasure our precious countryside.

This manifesto sets out our key asks for candidates in the May 2018 local and district elections. 


CPRE manifesto for General Election 2017

CPRE's manifesto calls on all parties in the election to recognise the countryside’s huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, and to develop policies that will protect and enhance rural areas.



Fieldwork: August 2010

Articles in this issue of Fieldwork: influencing the future of planning, how to collaborate to succeed, the impact of light pollution, successful campaign saves ancient wood, getting freight on canals: one branch's story.


Fieldwork: Autumn 2012

This edition includes campaigning tips on helping your high street; stepping in to care for footpaths; making your own food web map; tree preservation and building on the interest in planning.  


Fieldwork: December 2010

Articles in this issue of Fieldwork: the vital role of hedgerows, how to gain town green status, inspiring project improves access, taking local campaigns online, turning litter into a resource.


Fieldwork: Spring 2011

In this issue:

  • Star count results
  • Collaboration on new coastal policy
  • Good ideas for ‘greener’ village
  • Gen up on renewable energy
  • Food – from field to fork
  • Refuse to accept refuse


Fieldwork: Spring 2012

In this issue:
  • Helping you take action on litter
  • Fruit trees get Skipton buzzing again
  • CPRE’s food reports make positive impact
  • Cider with Rosie countryside saved
  • Rare upland woodland restored


Fieldwork: Spring 2013

In this issue: Progress on pylons; spreading the word with the media; branching out into tree planting; sustainable smart growth; building a future for housing; facts about fracking.


Fieldwork: Spring 2014

In this issue: Stop the Drop successes; concerns for countryside character; updates on fracking and flooding; improving national transport policy; securing campaign archives.


Fieldwork: Spring 2015

In this issue: progress on 'brownfield first'; protecting Green Belt; good ideas for working with young people; tips on delivering rural affordable housing; the latest analysis of neighbourhood planning; news of CPRE's new Landscapes for Everyone coalition.


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