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Housing and planning

Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth

A CPRE briefing

On 29 December 2009 the Government published a new Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth. The document sets out a national policy framework for planning for sustainable economic development in urban and rural areas, including town centres. This briefing summarises the new policy and highlights key changes it has introduced.


Planning reforms 2016 - what's the problem?

This leaflet gives CPRE’s position on key housing issues and is designed to help lobby MPs on current Government proposals on the National Planning Policy Framework.


Policy-based Evidence Making

The Policy Exchange's war against planning
A 'think tank' has launched a sustained attack on England's planning system. The counter-offensive starts here. Using solidly referenced facts and statistics, CPRE demolishes the Policy Exchange's arguments for radical reform of planning – reform which would delight developers and smother much of England in sprawl.


Protecting the wider countryside

The draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) proposes removing a critical policy which recognises the national importance of the countryside as a whole. This research maps these areas and shows that unless the Government revises the NPPF, more than half of the English countryside could be under greater threat from inappropriate development than before. The report recommends that the final NPPF should retain explicit recognition of the intrinsic value of the wider countryside and the character of the countryside, while favouring the efficient use of land rather than urban sprawl.


Quotes in support of "brownfield first" in planning

Nine leading practitioners and politicians express strong support for brownfield first.


Recharging the Power of Place

Valuing local significance

This report has been commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the National Trust and Heritage Link as part of their on-going work to promote innovative approaches to protecting the historic environment and local distinctiveness.


Removing obstacles to brownfield development

With recent statistics showing that housing development is decreasing on previously developed sites but increasing on the Green Belt, Removing obstacles to brownfield development calls for Government to implement a range of inventive policies to realise the potential of brownfield house building.

The paper calls for:

  • the taxation of uncompleted housing for which planning permission has been granted on brownfield land;
  • improved funding and assistance for brownfield remediation;
  • special planning measures and state intervention to aid redevelopment;
  • and the increased use of tax increment financing.


Roadside Advertising: Problems and Solutions

Our campaign briefing on the problem of roadside advertising and ideas how to take action.


Rural Coalition Briefing on the Localism Bill

The Localism Bill offers an exciting opportunity to realise some of the 38 recommendations that the Rural Coalition made in August 2010’s The Rural Challenge.  This briefing discusses how the Bill could go further to deliver the best outcomes for rural communities.



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