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Housing and planning

The Oxford Green Belt Way

A fifty mile walk created by CPRE Oxfordshire around the Green Belt of Oxford

Celebrate the beauty of Oxford's Green Belt with this illustrated pocked-sized guide to the circular walk opened by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, in 2007. Special route maps describe the attractive landscape, history and wildlife of the countryside surrounding Oxford. All parts of the walk are within easy reach of four park-and-ride sites, and are also accessed by many regular bus services. The guide is divided into nine stages, providing options for short or long-distance walks suitable for all ages; all walks are waymarked.


The Proximity Principle

Why we are living too far apart
This report argues that housing and planning policy should be governed by the proximity principle: the idea that compact cities, towns and villages produce the best social, economic and environmental outcomes. Proximity brings people and services closer together, reduces the need to travel and uses less land and energy. Before the development of modern transport, proximity was achieved automatically. Today, it can be achieved with careful planning and intervention by government.


The right housing in the right places - CPRE manifesto briefing

We need to save our countryside from unnecessary and damaging development by improving planning policy and guidance.

This is a detailed briefing based on CPRE's manifesto for the 2015 General Election.


The Rural Challenge

Achieving sustainable rural communities for the 21st century

The Rural Challenge is a series of recommendations to the Government from the Rural Coalition which CPRE is a member. The report calls for action now to ensure that our countryside continues to thrive into the future, with its beauty and tranquillity soundly protected. Central to this is a reinvigorated planning system, in which local communities and councils are empowered to shape their neighbourhoods.


The Taxation of Property

A report by Europe Economics for the Campaign to Protect Rural England
What changes to the way we tax land and housing could work to the benefit of the environment and the countryside?


Third Party Rights of Appeal in Planning

This major report explores the case for 'third party rights of appeal’. Currently, a developer may appeal against refusal of planning permission, but members of the public have no right to appeal against the grant of permission - no matter how strong their case. Written by an independent team of respected academics, consultants and legal experts in the field of planning, the research was funded by a broad alliance of environmental and amenity groups, including CPRE.


Unlocking Potential: Best Practice for Brownfield Land Registers

CPRE campaigns for a beautiful and living countryside and we do that by working to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy. As part of this we have long campaigned for prioritising use of brownfield land for housing because we believe it stops the waste of precious countryside.

This new research commissioned from HTA Design LLP examines the identification and assessment of brownfield sites by local planning authorities in light of the Brownfield Land Register Regulations, 2017.

It finds that national and local government could be doing far more to identify more brownfield land and make the task more efficient in in the process.


Unprotected England

A map showing undesignated countryside in England which is not protected by the NPPF


Unprotected England by county

A map showing the percentage of undesignated countryside in each county council area which is not protected by the NPPF



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