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Housing and planning

CPRE response to Housing White Paper consultation

A response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England to the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation on the Housing White Paper.


CPRE response to Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places consultation

A response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England to the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation on Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places.


CPRE response to: Consultation on proposed changes to National Planning Policy Framework

This document is CPRE's consultation response to the Department for Communities and Local Government’s consultation on proposed changes to national planning policy. The consultation contains a welcome focus on brownfield development, but we believe that the ‘delivery test’ in its proposed form will allow developers to cherry pick greenfield sites instead, letting the brownfield sites go to waste.


CPRE's Housing Manifesto

We need new housing that is well designed and located, meets local needs and enhances the environment. A strong planning system is vital to achieving this. It can breathe new life into run-down urban areas while protecting the countryside for future generations to enjoy.


CPRE's policy on brownfield land

Land is a precious resource, and must be used wisely. CPRE supports a ‘brownfield first, greenfield last’ strategy as a general principle. However, just because a site is brownfield does not mean it should necessarily be developed.


CPRE's policy on housing

CPRE believes that a healthy, thriving countryside is important for everyone, no matter where they live. Our approach to housing policy embodies this belief. Good planning should provide everyone with a decent home they can afford. While housing development can have a significant landscape impact we believe it is possible to avoid sporadic development in the countryside and the unsustainable sprawl of our towns and cities. Meeting the housing needs of rural communities is particularly important if they are to thrive. In the national context of a growing and changing population it is important to meet the need for new housing in England. This document outlines how CPRE believes this can be done without unnecessarily damaging the countryside.


CPRE's policy on planning

Good land-use planning is the unsung hero of environmental protection. It can encourage urban regeneration, curb urban sprawl, help slow the growth in road traffic, protect the beauty and tranquillity of the countryside and safeguard wildlife habitats. Effective planning is more important now than ever before with economic pressures and a growing population leading to more development intruding into the countryside. Precious Green Belt land is being eaten away despite a Government commitment to protect it. Proposed new legislation concerning the planning for major infrastructure projects presents a serious challenge to the integrity of the planning system.


CPRE's response to the Government's consultation paper on Draft Planning Policy Statement 4: Planning for Prosperous Economies

CPRE's response welcomes the draft policy's emphasis on safeguarding town centres, markets and village shops, but highlights the need for greater consideration of transport, land-use and climate change issues.  The response also calls for a greater emphasis on reducing the need to travel, supporting local food webs and moving towards a low-carbon economy, while proposing targets for the suggested re-use of brownfield sites and existing buildings.



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