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Housing and planning

Improvements to compulsory purchase processes

Response by the Campaign to Protect Rural England to the DCLG and HM Treasury technical consultation

CPRE welcomes this opportunity to comment on the Department for Communities and Local Government and HM Treasury’s consultation on improvements to compulsory purchase processes. We supports the principal aims of the consultation, namely to make the compulsory purchase regime clearer, fairer and faster and to encourage development of brownfield land.


Increasing Diversity in the House Building Sector

The need to re-establish small and medium sized enterprises in housing construction

The first paper in CPRE's Housing Foresight series explores how the dominance of volume house builders is having potentially harmful impacts on the supply, location and design of new housing in England. It shows that greater support for small and medium sized house builders can help meet demand for housing and protect green spaces by delivering new homes - including through custom/self build - on smaller brownfield sites. The paper proposes four policy options: promoting small-scale brownfield sites; funding smaller builders; simplifying small applications; and the use of design codes.



Inexpensive Progress?

A framework for assessing the costs and benefis of planning reform

This study, commissioned jointly with the National Trust and the RSPB, finds that the Government's proposed reforms are likely to have little or no effect on growth and could even undermine public wellbeing. The report shows that very little has been done to measure the benefits that good planning delivers, and concludes that there is no evidence that the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would have any positive effect on growth or employment in the short run.


Judicial Review - Proposals for Further Reform

A submission by the Coalition for Access to Justice for the Environment

This submission is made on behalf of the Coalition for Access to Justice for the Environment (CAJE), which includes a number of leading environmental NGOs in the UK including CPRE, WWF, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and the RSPB. The submission argues the Government's proposed changes to Judicial Review will restrict access to justice in enviornmental matters and represent a misconceived attack on the foundations of democracy.


Local Development Frameworks

How you can use them to protect the countryside, promote urban regeneration and improve

As part of the new planning system in England, local authorities will have to prepare a ‘Local Development Framework’ by 2007. This will replace Local Plans, Structure Plans, and Unitary Development Plans. They will comprise a collection of documents, policies, and proposals which set out a local planning strategy. They require public participation when they are being prepared and developed. This guide explains opportunities you have to influence policies and plans, which in turn influence most types of development including housing and the fate of the local environment and countryside.


Local Development Schemes

This supporting briefing to CPRE’s Local Development Frameworks campaigners’ guide sets out how you can influence your Local Development Scheme – the plan of the plans.


Local Enterprise Partnerships

Will they serve local communities and promote sustainable development?

Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) have been set up to support economic growth in their respective areas. This report looks at how LEPs are developing and how effective they are likely to be in delivering genuinely sustainable development in a context of much greater devolution of decisionmaking and community involvement. It also considers the role they may play in strategic planning.


Local planning authority responses to the draft National Planning Policy Framework

An analysis by the Campaign to Protect Rural England

This brief report analyses responses from local planning authorities to the draft NPPF, and assesses to what extent these responses reflect CPRE’s concerns about the draft policy. Our research found that the concerns CPRE has been raising at the national level are broadly reflected locally by those officers and councillors who will have responsibility for implementing the new system. Local planning authorities raised concerns that a lack of clarity over transitional arrangements and a definition of sustainable development could severely undermine the planning system.


Local plans - submission of evidence to the Expert Group

Submission of evidence by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to the Expert Group established by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England’s suggestions for the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of local plan production are summarised here in relation to the ten key factors that we consider currently to be holding back the production of local plans.


Local Reviews of Advertising Controls

Campaign guidance on how you can get involved in local reviews of advertising controls and so help ensure that your local countryside remains free from inappropriate advertisements.



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