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The Use of Airspace

CPRE evidence to the Transport Select Committee

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) believes that the present laissez-faire approach to the use of airspace is unsustainable.  Action is required urgently to deal with the flaws in the present arrangements, which have developed in an uncoordinated manner and are based on outdated evidence.


Traffic Noise in Rural Areas

Tranquillity mapping has highlighted that road noise is one of the biggest causes of lost tranquillity in the countryside. Produced by a consultancy on behalf of the Noise Association, this report gives a human perspective to this quantitative mapping and includes case studies involving CPRE branches.


Traffic Sign Regulations and General Directions 2015

Response by CPRE to the Department for Transport's consultation

CPRE strongly welcomes the proposals to simplify traffic sign regulations and give highway authorities more scope to reduce clutter. The reforms should go much further, however, to reduce clutter, particularly in relation to minor rural roads and streets.


Traffic signs policy and speed limit signage

A think piece by CPRE

The Department for Transport is carrying out the biggest review of traffic signs policy in forty years while drawing up its Road Safety Strategy for the next twenty years. This think piece examines possibilities for reform in the way we sign speed limits to reduce clutter and improve road safety.


Transport and the Economy

Memorandum of evidence by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) to the inquiry by the Transport Committee

The Spending Review needs to be rural-proofed to ensure that rural bus services and road maintenance does not suffer disproportionately. New ways to appraise transport investment and ensure effective sub-national planning of transport schemes are needed.  NB This written evidence has been submitted to the Transport Committee and is now its property.


Where motor car is master

Written in 1992, just as a wave of road protests engulfed Middle England, this classic sets out how the Department of Transport in its various guises was 'bewitched by roads'. With road-building back on the agenda, its republication provides a timely reminder about the dangers indeed futility of the 'roads mentality'.


Where the money's going

Are the new Local Transport Bodies heading in the right direction?

This report produced jointly with Campaign for Better Transport looks at proposals from the newly formed Local Transport Bodies and finds nearly 60% of their budgets will be spent on new roads. No cycling is funded at all, and bus schemes make up just 7% of the projects. We are calling for Local Transport Bodies to make sure local people and environmental groups are consulted on these projects.


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