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  • Securing the value of nature

    The first year of the Natural Environment White Paper: is the ambition being realised?

    CPRE lobbying ensured the Natural Environment White Paper included support for action on tranquillity and light pollution and recognised the role of voluntary activity in tackling litter. Our influence meant it also gave support for local community...

  • National Planning Policy Framework needs detailed backup

    duty for local authorities to co-operate on strategic planning Environmental issues, including wildlife protection and light pollution A note of caution is needed in that Planning Minister Nick Boles seems to place the emphasis in his response on...

  • The countryside and Englishness

    represented progress – we needed good new homes and a better infrastructure. But some – the rash of advertising, and light pollution, and the growing litter problem - were more often driven by corporate greed than by the desires and intentions of the...

  • Minister for Transport declares that beauty is of vital importance to road infrastructure

    Campaigners welcome pledge at CPRE-CBT lecture that aesthetics will be crucial consideration in road building plans.

  • The Conservative government and the countryside

    What does a Conservative government mean for CPRE’s priorities?

  • Our achievements

    CPRE has pioneered work to ensure the tranquil character of the English countryside is recognised, valued and better protected. Building on these successes, we continue to campaign to keep the tranquillity of ‘designated areas’, such as national parks...

  • CPRE Parliamentary News - Spring 2016

    and Infrastructure Bill EU Referendum New Planning Guidance and the Countryside Night Blight: New Maps of England's Light Pollution and Dark Skies Rural Proofing the Buses Bill Branch Focus - CPRE London: Metropolitan Green Belt

  • Our planning successes

    We have a long record of campaign successes that shows just how important CPRE's planning work is for protecting the countryside.

  • 25-year environment plan can still leave legacy

    and the value of a thriving natural environment, and is pledging to develop proposals to manage noise and reduce light pollution. “We urge the Government to give the plan serious weight. It must be given sufficient, significant funding and be enshrined...

  • Environmental charities call for Government not to undermine National Parks with careless words

    begun, peaceful agricultural land has been transformed into a large industrial complex. The construction traffic and light pollution associated with the site are already reported to be having a major impact in an area that was previously valued for its...

  • A life-long love for England’s National Parks

    to strength and we were delighted when in 2016 it was awarded International Dark Sky Reserve status for its lack of light pollution. Moreover, we are pleased that they are standing up against proposals to build a bypass of the A27 around Arundel that...

  • A vision for change?

    Head of Government and Rural Affairs Belinda Gordon reacts to the Government’s launch of its 25-year Environment Plan

  • The road less travelled

    We now know we have a new roads minister. Andrew Jones MP replaces John Hayes, who this year gave a very interesting and thoughtful speech to CPRE on making roads beautiful.

  • Planning

    housing provision. The planning system has a huge impact on all aspects of the countryside from housing development to light pollution. We want to see: An open and accessible planning system that encourages more communities to engage with the planning...

  • CPRE Local election manifesto 2019

    policies so we can: build the right houses in the right places, improve transport policy, protect dark skies and reduce light pollution, and continue to treasure our precious countryside. This manifesto sets out our key asks for candidates in the May...

  • How you can make a difference in the local elections

    championing and upholding the voice of local people through the planning system. An enjoyable countryside – developing light pollution policies and encouraging outreach and engagement programmes to provide equal access to the countryside. Climate change...

  • Fieldwork: Summer 2019

    In this issue: action on light pollution; redefining affordable housing; progress on pylons; enhancing local biodiversity; improving housing design; challenging fracking policy.

  • Making transport better

    Transport isn’t just a matter of building new roads or railway lines. It isn’t even about creating new bus routes or cycle lanes. Transport is usually just a means to an end – it gets us from one place to another.

  • A beautiful countryside to sustain us all

    We need to value and protect the countryside for the countless benefits it provides to our health, prosperity and wellbeing. Our beautiful and irreplaceable countryside provides vital space for recreation and reflection, a rich diversity of landscapes...

  • Smarter travel first

    As the most densely populated large country in Europe, England cannot afford to have an old-fashioned and inefficient transport system. To prevent the loss of our beautiful countryside to tarmac we need a transport system that’s smart.

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