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CPRE Branch Handbook

"An impressive resource. Full of useful easy-to-read information"
Sally Hanrahan, CPRE Northamptonshire

"The Handbook captures all the best ways of doing the basics. Remember, someone did it before you!"
Geoff Lambert, CPRE Bedfordshire

Working with branch volunteers we have created a 'dip-in' reference resource to support you and your group with the activities you do.

The Branch Handbook contains over 70 guides on all kinds of subjects. It is divided into nine chapters which are attached below. Within each chapter there is a "clickable" contents page so you can go straight to the guide you need.

As well as a contents page for the whole handbook, we have created a wallchart listing each guide, which you may like to print out for easy reference

This handbook was last updated in April 2017.

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