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A month of eating locally

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Kent is known as the Garden of England, so what better place to try truly eating locally?

Local food mapping volunteer Bridget Neame decided to eat only food from Kent during June. She found an amazing variety – but was also shocked to discover how many of her regular purchases weren’t made locally.

There was a good selection of fruit, vegetables, milk and cheeses but finding butter and yoghurt was harder. There was plenty of meat and eggs, as well as fresh fish. Cereals were disappointing though, considering the amount of arable land in Kent. Bridget discovered two refurbished heritage mills grinding flour and rolled oats from Kentish grain, although she didn’t find a baker using all Kentish ingredients, so made her own bread. Other discoveries included rapeseed oil from Romney Marsh.

Did it cost more to eat locally? Bridget found she bought less food, didn’t waste anything and made better use of her vegetable patch. It took thought and local investigation, and she spent more time in the kitchen adapting recipes. However, the positive outcomes of her experiment has changed Bridget’s food buying habits. Pasta, rice and pulses, as well as tea, coffee and chocolate, are her main non-Kentish ingredients, but now an impressive 80% of what she eats comes from Kent.

Inspired by Bridget's story? Take our 30:30 challenge and pledge to try sourcing 30% local food from a 30 mile radius.
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Bridget found she bought less food and didn’t waste anything

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