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Walking the Bryson line

Walking the Bryson line

CPRE is very pleased that Tanager Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm serving overseas Americans living in the UK and Europe, is supporting CPRE as part of its social corporate programme. CPRE is one of five charities benefiting from their plan to walk the ‘Bryson Line’ to raise money for us plus four health charities.

Over the course of one month from Saturday 9 June – Sunday 8 July 2018, their walkers will attempt to raise £100,000 for the five UK charities by walking the Bryson Line - the longest straight line that it is possible to travel in the UK without crossing any sea, stretching 569 miles from Cape Wrath to Bognor Regis. The concept is taken from the prologue of author, and former president of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Bill Bryson’s book The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes From a Small Island.

Inspired by their fellow Anglo-American, the group will walk from the top of Scotland to the southern coast of England via iconic trails and walks, celebrating the unique beauty of Britain’s countryside and landscapes and as a way of giving back to the country that they now call home.

As one of the beneficiaries, CPRE is supporting the walk to promote the beauty of – and threats to – our treasured and finite country so do look out for our and our branches’ tweets and postings as they ‘walk the line’.

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