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Government accepts councils need more powers to punish litterbugs

21 January 2014

Roadside litter. Roadside litter. Photo: © CPRE

Throw litter from your car, you will face consequences. Government concedes councils need more powers.

CPRE is celebrating today, following the Government’s announcement that local councils need additional powers to deal with litter thrown from vehicles.

New regulations will now be introduced before next year’s General Election to allow councils in England to issue a civil penalty to the keeper of a vehicle when litter is thrown from it.

This announcement follows six years of campaigning by CPRE, which has worked with its supporters and local councils to help the Government understand the importance of this new measure.

Currently councils have to prove who threw litter from the vehicle, which is generally impossible.

From next year they will be able to issue a civil penalty to the registered owner, bringing littering in line with other offences such as parking infringements.

In effect, councils will have both criminal and civil penalties available to them to prevent littering.

CPRE is delighted with the news and hopes it will help to further reduce England’s litter problem.


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