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Localism Forgotten as Growth Act Passed?

26 April 2013

Countryside champions the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) are warning that the Growth and Infrastructure Act, which received Royal Assent yesterday (Thursday), places the interests of developers above those of communities and the countryside.

The new Act includes measures that:

  • Allow developers to bypass local councils on planning decisions;
  • Weaken protections for our finest landscapes and for town and village greens; and
  • Leave neighbours and parish councils with less of a say on damaging home extensions


Adam Royle, CPRE Senior Parliamentary Officer, said:

‘From a Government that passed the Localism Act barely 2 years ago, which heralded a welcome shift of power to communities including through neighbourhood planning, this new Act is a disappointingly centralising measure.

‘The measures within it weaken the abilities of communities to make decisions in their area. Protections for landscapes and green spaces which have been in place for generations have also been undermined.

‘Through our network of county branches and volunteers  CPRE will be keeping a keen eye on the impact of these changes to make sure that England’s countryside gets the protection it deserves.’

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