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The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have published a new code of practice on broadband infrastructure, but does it do enough to roll-out broadband while also protecting our countryside?
As a new Government report is published today on onshore wind energy, CPRE wants the wind industry to offer a higher level of support and a more transparent approach to community investment
Detailed environmental information for HS2 between London and Birmingham is published today, CPRE wants to see a step change in mitigation
CPRE responding to planning changes announced by the Government today (Thursday), expresses concerns about proposals to relax controls over agricultural buildings being converted into housing.
A new Private Member’s Bill proposes to tackle roadside litter once and for all after the Government again delays over taking real action
The Growth and Infrastructure Act, which received Royal Assent yesterday (Thursday), places the interests of developers first
With transport now the biggest single cost in essential household spending, CPRE have launched a toolkit to help communities cut the cost of traveling while improving quality of life.
The Secretary of State has granted permission this afternoon for the extension of Lydd airport

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