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Litter and fly-tipping report released

The Communities and Local Government select committee on litter and fly-tipping published its report today (14 March 2015).

Neil Sinden, director of policy and campaigns at the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), comments: “We need to move quickly on these welcome recommendations. A national litter strategy would focus energy and cooperation behind litter initiatives, and could include behaviour change campaigns to achieve the impact we need. A month’s worth of proceeds from the new bag charge could be used to support this work as well as activities driven by the national strategy.

“It is also particularly welcome that this report calls for action on littering from cars. We have long campaigned for the enforcement of fines that put littering in line with parking and speeding. Extending this across the country is long overdue.

“While we do need action on cigarette litter, a levy on cigarettes without changes in behaviour risks becoming a mandate to litter. We need to tackle the underlying problem, not just the symptoms.

“We are disappointed that there are no proposed measures to tackle drinks container waste, one of the most visible and damaging kinds of litter, but it is great to see politicians engaging with these issues and illustrating there are ways to tackle the many litter problems we face.”

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