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We need a convincing low-carbon energy plan from the Government

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has made an announcement on “Controlling the cost of renewable energy”, including removing the guaranteed level of subsidy for converting power stations to biomass, a consultation on controlling subsidies for smaller solar electricity projects and a consultation on preliminary changes to the Feed-in Tariff scheme in advance of a broader review. Following this DECC announcement, Nick Clack, senior energy campaigner at the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), comments:

“Given the Secretary of State’s welcome concentration on achieving the nation’s carbon reduction targets, and following the Government’s proposals to reduce subsidies for renewables, we urgently need a clear plan on how these targets will be met.

“Scrapping standards for zero carbon buildings does not inspire confidence. Significantly increasing energy efficiency in existing buildings must be an urgent priority for the Government — otherwise, as well as missing carbon targets, we will see increased bills in the longer term and more unnecessary infrastructure in the countryside.

“Remaining renewables subsidies need to be used wisely. For example, following the Feed-in Tariff review it is crucial that each renewable technology currently covered by the scheme receives fair support to allow rural communities to deploy technologies appropriate to the location through community energy projects. The Government also needs to do more to reduce non-financial barriers holding back schemes we should be encouraging, such as rooftop solar and community energy.”

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