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11,000 houses on Bradford Green Belt: CPRE's response

On 5 September, Bradford Council's core strategy development plan was approved by a Government planning inspector. The plan proposes 42,000 new houses in the district, including 11,000 houses on Green Belt land.

Andrew Wood, planner for CPRE West Yorkshire, comments:

"Bradford's new Core Strategy is proposing land supply requirements based on unattainable housing numbers. In that sense, it is set up to fail, which is very disappointing, especially considering the Green Belt losses this will entail. There are also huge problems looming with the scale of growth proposed in Airedale and Wharfedale, which straddle the border between Leeds and Bradford and are under development pressure from both cities. 

“The traffic congestion and resulting impacts of air pollution and noise pollution along those valleys has been largely glossed over in the Local Plan. CPRE and local communities will continue to work hard to defend Bradford's countryside. There is also still an important opportunity to influence how and when land comes forward, and to limit the impacts of the proposed urban extension in the beautiful Tong Valley. Brownfield sites should be developed first and housebuilders should not be allowed to cherry pick the Green Belt sites."

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