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Government takes decisive step on deposit return

The Government has today announced that it is forming an expert working group to look into ways of cutting litter and boosting recycling.

One of the main areas of the group’s work will be looking into deposit return systems for drinks containers.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has long called for a deposit return scheme for drinks containers including plastic bottles and cans. Deposit return has been shown to boost recycling rates significantly in countries such as Germany. 

Reacting to today’s news, CPRE’s litter programme director Samantha Harding said:

“It is great that the Government is seeking to build on its success with the plastic bag charge and ban on microbeads. Deposit return has had a hugely positive impact on recycling rates abroad.

“Ministers should be congratulated for taking this decisive step. A deposit return scheme will conserve our resources, clean our streets and protect our countryside and seas.”

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