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CPRE Volunteer Awards 2019

CPRE wouldn’t be here without the generations of volunteers who have given so much time to the local and national CPREs and regional groups by campaigning on issues that matter to them, coordinating events and awards, recruiting members, keeping minutes and accounts and encouraging respect and care for our countryside. CPRE benefits from the support of hundreds and it’s so important that we take a moment to recognise and thank all our volunteers. Thank you so much to everyone for all your dedicated hard work! 

DSC 0430 resizeLillian Burns recieves her Outstanding Contribution Award.

At the Annual Conference this year we wanted to take the opportunity to publically celebrate a few individuals who have been doing some incredible work often for many years. Nominations were received from around the country for five categories of award:

Positive Contribution - This award is given in recognition of a positive contribution a volunteer has made to the local or national CPRE or a regional group. This award is open to all volunteers, regardless of how long they have been actively volunteering. 
• Made a Difference - This award is given in recognition of a volunteer’s contribution that has had long-term benefit to the local or national CPRE or regional group. This award is also open to all volunteers. 
Outstanding Contribution - This award is given in recognition of a volunteer’s outstanding, sustained contribution over a long period of time at either a local, regional or national level. It recognises their passion for our cause and their ongoing commitment to CPRE.
Lifetime Achievement - This award recognises some truly exceptional individuals who have helped CPRE in extraordinary ways over long periods of time and made an indelible mark on their colleagues and friends who have nominated them. 
Length of Service - This award is given in recognition of a volunteer’s long service and is not awarded until someone has contributed more than a staggering 10 years. 

DSC 0417 resizePatricia Almond from CPRE Isle of Wight receiving her Outstanding Contribution Award

 Positive Contribution Award:

  • Sebastian Archer: Sebastian volunteered with CPRE London last year and used his skills to help with social media, researching and writing case studies and office management. 
  • Grace O'Connell: Grace was the star in CPRE’s  Staffordshire's latest election manifesto movie, and has been fantastic in procuring donations from local businesses for their grand summer hamper draw.

 Made a Difference award:

  • Robert Turner: Rob from CPRE Staffordshire volunteers his time to keep the CPRE Staffs website up to date as well as helping to prepare and run various stalls and events to engage the local community. 
  • Rosalind Ambler: Rosalind transformed CPRE Wiltshire's newsletter, Wiltshire Voice, to the extent that they've even had donations commenting on the appeal and success of the new appearance!
  • Peter Prag: Peter, from CPRE Hampshire was recognised in light of his work raising CPRE Hampshire's profile and increase their membership.
  • Lorna Train: Lorna has organised many successful tours and events with CPRE Sussex for many years. CPRE Sussex hardly know how they'll manage without her

 Outstanding Contribution Award: 

  • Patricia Almond from CPRE Isle of Wight. Patricia has been dedicated to keeping the Isle of Wight litter free for the past 8 years as a CPRE volunteer and has been meticulous in organising action against litter that has made a real difference to the people and environment of the island. 
  • Donald Mitchell from CPRE London. Donald has been a trustee, chairman and vice-president for CPRE London over many years giving leadership and commitment to the charity that has helped build its reputation, funding and project outcomes, for example in relation to the ‘Liveable London’ project. 
  • Lillian Burns from national CPRE. Lillian was nominated for her generous contributions of expertise, influence and connections to CPRE over many years in particular on sustainable transport and planning. Lillian has been a CPRE volunteer for over 25 years! 
  • Nick Thompson from CPRE Lancashire. This nomination was received from national CPRE in recognition of this hard work as North West Regional Chair and Chair of CPRE Lancashire. Most recently we recognise his contribution to driving forward the brownfield first agenda in the north west. 

 Lifetime Achievement award:

  • Christine Drury steps down from the national trustee board today and takes up her appointment as a Vice President - we thank her for all the tremendous works she's given to the national CPRE trustee board!
  • Leslie Ashworth from CPRE Northumberland has given CPRE sustained, thorough and dedicated service as treasurer and business manager, helping the CPRE to navigate GDPR, and has been influential in many campaigns such as open cast mining and windfarms. All with professionalism and judgement. 
  • Ben Nash from CPRE Herefordshire. This award is in recognition of his 46 years of dedication to the roles of trustee, secretary and chair of CPRE Herefordshire, where he is their longest serving volunteer. A truly remarkable achievement. 

Length of Service:

  • Carole Curtis:  We received a nomination for Carole Curtis who volunteers at the national charity in London for her 15 years of service. Her work has been invaluable to the Supporter Services team!
  • Selby Martin: Selby, from CPRE Shropshire has been a trustee and vice-president over many decades, more than 30 years. His commitment to CPRE Shropshire, coupled with his expertise and knowledge of the county are almost irreplacable. 

Thank you to all local CPREs who nominated a volunteer and to everyone who attended the awards ceremony to make it such a success! Please do consider making a nomination for next year if you have someone within your local group or region who has provided invaluable support. 

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