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Policy Committee meeting 4 February 2010

Links to Policy Committee meeting papers.

Policy Procedures Review
Sets out and asks advice on the proposals for new policy procedures suggested by the Policy Procedures Review Stakeholder Group.

Type of paper: Discussion
Author: DB/NS
Appendix: A

Draft National Parks Circular
Informs PC about the draft National Parks Circular which has been published
for consultation by Defra. It sets out the main issues raised by the Circular and seeks advice from PC to inform our response.

Type of paper: Advice
Author: EM
Appendix: B

Draft Development Management Planning Policy Statement
In December, the Government published three consultations which take forward recommendations made by the Killian-Pretty review. This paper summarises the proposals contained in the consultation documents, the potential implications of these for CPRE, and seeks advice for developing our responses.

Type of paper: Advice
Author: KH/FH
Appendix: C

Costing the View
The research and analysis phase of the Costing the View pilot project has now been
completed.This paper sets out the key findings and seeks PC’s guidance on how to interpret and present these.

Type of paper: Advice
Author: IW
Appendix: D

Light Pollution Initiatives
This paper updates PC on progress with our work on light pollution since it last considered this issue in June last year (PC Min 39/09) and describes initial plans for work in this area in 2010. It also summarises key recommendations from a recent Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) report ‘Artificial Light in the Environment’.

Type of paper: Information
Author: EM
Appendix: E

Links to minutes, agenda and papers in PDF format below.

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