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2026 - A Vision for the Countryside

This new charter for the countryside describes the England CPRE wants to see in 2026, our centenary year. The Vision, produced after wide consultation, pictures a countryside in 2026 that is used and valued by all as a national asset, helping create a healthier, less stressed nation where people are in tune with the environment and aware of their impact on it.


2026 - A Vision for the Countryside: Towards our Vision

CPRE Chief Executive, Shaun Spiers, explains how the organisation's traditional values and historic achievements have shaped our 2026 Vision. This essay argues that promoting a positive future for rural England will help change public attitudes and create a demand for policies which protect and enhance the countryside.


CPRE Local election manifesto 2018

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) campaigns for a beautiful and living countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

We are calling on all parties to develop better policies so we can: build the right houses in the right places, improve transport policy, protect dark skies and reduce light pollution, and continue to treasure our precious countryside.

This manifesto sets out our key asks for candidates in the May 2018 local and district elections. 


CPRE manifesto for General Election 2017

CPRE's manifesto calls on all parties in the election to recognise the countryside’s huge contribution to the economy and our sense of who we are as individuals and communities, and to develop policies that will protect and enhance rural areas.



CPRE Membership form

CPRE membership forms for individuals, parish councils and organisations. Individuals can also join online by Direct Debit.

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Fieldwork: Spring 2016

In this issue: Tips from pioneering Neighbourhood Plans; a proposal for improving the New Homes Bonus ; expert advice on Tree Preservation Orders and CPRE’s recommendations for reforming the National Planning Policy Framework


Fieldwork: Spring 2017

In this issue: South Downs sell-off averted; discussing the future of farming; tips on how to support local food; investing in a greener Green Belt; the latest campaign news from parish to Parliament.


Fieldwork: Spring 2018

In this issue: Revising national planning policy; campaigning for a Green Belt for Norwich; how to build houses and save the countryside; capturing land value uplift in rural areas; the latest on CPRE's 'brownfield first' campaign; and a look at the facts on the urbanisation of England.


Fieldwork: Summer 2015

In this issue: Cleaning up Yorkshire; engaging the next generation of campaigners; delivering CPRE's charter to Downing Street; the campaign for a community right of appeal; the latest on England's changing land use


Fieldwork: Summer 2016

In this issue: A new model for English farming; the latest news from parish to Parliament; tips on monitoring and evaluating campaigns; an update on progress towards our 2026 Vision; and the case for 'PTOD' (public transport oriented development)


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