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This policy position statement sets out the background to CPRE’s interest in the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford Arc and the principles by which we think the area should be planned over the coming decades.

In November 2017, the Government’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) recommended 1 million new homes and 1.1 million new jobs should be created in this area by 2050.

In this statement, we set out a series of principles that the Government should follow in its response to the NIC. They are:

– We should aim to protect and enhance the countryside, landscape and heritage assets.

– There are other parts of England, particularly in the Midlands and northern regions, that need regeneration and merit investment more than the area of the Arc.

– In housing, the main priority should be providing the affordable housing needed by existing residents supported by sustainable public transport.

– Sustainable transport at all levels, including East-West Rail, should be supported and prioritised over new road-building.

– There needs to be wide-scale public engagement and consultation both on the overall growth proposals and on the Expressway proposal.

Ox-Cam Corridor Position Statement January 2019

Added 3 January 2019
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