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Catbells, Cumbria Catbells, Cumbria Photo: © Kevin Eaves/Shutterstock

CPRE view

CPRE believes that England’s diverse landscapes are hugely important to the nation’s health and wellbeing, providing attractive places for people to live, work or play and making a significant contribution to the economy through tourism and farming. They are also nature’s home, providing habitats for many threatened species and vital environmental services such as carbon storage and alleviating flooding. This is why it is so important that we protect and enhance our landscapes, for the benefit of current and future generations.

CPRE and landscape

Protecting our most precious landscapes was a core aim for CPRE when it was formed in 1926. Today, landscape is still at the heart of what we do – it is what makes rural England so special.

Landscape is everywhere; from mountains, uplands, moors and the seascapes of our stunning coastline, to rolling countryside stitched together by hedgerows and traditional green parks in urban and rural areas, each with their own distinctive character and sense of place. CPRE’s work aims to protect and enhance England’s landscapes through our work shaping the way that land is developed and managed.

People’s experience of the countryside matters too. Development pressure means that tranquil places are at risk, and truly dark skies free from light pollution have become rare.

We want to see:



North York Moors copyright ronfromyork Shutterstock 223x149px

National protections for National Parks? What a load of potash…

Our reaction to the proposed potash mine in the North York Moors National Park.


Cornwall coast couple copyright alex jackson shutterstock 223x149px

A beautiful idea

Our view on a community ‘right to beauty’.


The issues:

Great Langdale Lake District 223x149px

Special landscapes need protecting forever

The character of England’s landscapes is being slowly eroded; with a range of land use decisions being made that damage the qualities that make a place special.


South Downs sunset copyright Matt Gibson Shutterstock 223x149px

Our campaign successes

We have a long record of campaign successes that shows just how vital CPRE’s role is in the future of England’s landscapes



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