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Tranquil places under threat

Tranquillity is at risk from new road schemes Tranquillity is at risk from new road schemes Photo: © Highways England

The countryside is our greatest reserve of tranquillity. People seek it there and they value it. Survey after survey tells us so. But the remaining most tranquil areas are often fragmented and continue to be eroded by development.

It is claimed only a small part of England is built on so we must accept losing another 1 or 2% of the countryside to development. Our maps give new insights into this and prove that such claims ignore the ‘shadow of development’: England feels built-up precisely because so much of the country (half according to our 2007 intrusion maps) is affected or ‘intruded upon’ by the sight or sound of roads, aircraft, railways, urban areas, mines and power stations and power lines.

Yet, despite existing levels of disturbance, the remaining areas are at risk from:

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