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What we've achieved with our Charter to save the countryside

Taking our Charter to the Prime Minister Taking our Charter to the Prime Minister Photo: © CPRE / Stefano Cagnoni

Over the past two years we’ve been running our campaign to save the countryside and asking people to sign our Charter.

We now have 80,890 signatures from people all around the country - and we've taken our Charter to the Prime Minister to show the strength of public concern for the countryside we love.
Our letter to the Prime Minister to save the countryside

Government response to our Charter to save our countryside (53K PDF)

Support from far and wide

Save our countryside - your commentsMore than 11,000 people told us why they wanted to save the countryside. We're really touched to hear how passionate people are about it, from every corner of the globe. It’s widely recognised that England's countryside has a unique and special character that must be protected.
Read some Charter comments

What we've achieved

Bristol Finzels Reach, city centre developmentHere are just a few of our major successes that we've achieved with the help of thousands of campaigners.

Building on brownfield land first

More housing - in the right places

A fair say for communities

Making our voice even stronger

The support we have had from thousands of campaingers has made our voice stronger in Parliament, helping us secure these and other successes. But we need to do more.

We now want the new Government to make a firm commitment to protecting the countryside by clearly prioritising the use of brownfield over greenfield land in national planning policy. We need to go on working in every part of England to defend our countryside from the wrong kind of development.

Please join us to help us save our countryside for now and future generations.

Join us today

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