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Heathrow expansion stopped

CPRE were part of the coalition which stopped Heathrow's third runway CPRE were part of the coalition which stopped Heathrow's third runway Photo: © Clay/Greenpeace

In 2010, CPRE and other groups mounted a successful legal challenge to the Government's January 2009 decision to give the green light to a third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow. Although expansion of Heathrow is now off the table, it is being considered at other airports.

The Government is developing a new aviation strategy called the Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation. It is due to be published for consultation in March 2012 and it will be important to influence it to make sure that aviation respects environmental limits. We have met with the Department for Transport to raise our concerns, which we have followed up with a response to feed into the preparation of the draft Framework.
Developing a sustainable framework for UK aviation: Scoping document

CPRE also gave evidence to a major parliamentary inquiry into the use of airspace. The inquiry's report cited our research on tranquillity and adopted our call to limit flights over sensitive areas such as National Parks as one of its key recommendations. We are now working with the Civil Aviation Authority to improve ways of measuring the impact of flights.

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