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Buses Photo: © Larry Warr

Every day millions of people in England rely on their local bus service to get them where they want to go. In 2013-2014, 4.7 billion bus passenger journeys took place in England.

But since the UK Government passed on significant cuts to local authority budgets from 2010, nothing short of a Beeching of the Buses has taken place.

During this time 30 million miles of bus journeys have been lost. This has largely been because supported mileage has fallen by 24% since 2010. Bus services supported by local authorities are often the only form of non-car transport in rural areas.

Buses are essential for rural areas and vulnerable groups

Losing bus services is a particular problem for rural and vulnerable groups including:

The future for bus services across large parts of England is now in doubt. The Department for Transport predicts that by 2040 bus journeys will have dropped faster than any other form of transport, while only single passenger car journeys are predicted to rise. This could have severe impacts for England’s rural and vulnerable population.

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Source: travel written question

CPRE’s view

CPRE wants to see the following for bus travel in England:

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