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John Newbury – 2024 Volunteer Awards

John Newbury has been nominated for the CPRE Special Contribution Award in recognition of his exceptional stewardship of CPRE Hertfordshire’s financial resources.

John started volunteering with us in early 2018 and has done a fantastic job of managing our accounts, payroll, budgeting, financial reporting, and our reserves. He has brought the charity up to date by implementing new online donation and payment facilities and has made countless improvements to our various financial processes. Initially a Trustee and Treasurer with us at CPRE Hertfordshire, John has more recently stepped down from his roles on the Board, so that he can focus on what he likes best. This involves being a day-to-day Finance Volunteer, a role that we hope he’ll continue to fulfil for a long time to come.

John is one of the unsung heroes of our charity. He often avoids the limelight, but he’s absolutely critical to the successful functioning of CPRE Hertfordshire, for which we are all deeply appreciative.