Meet our president and vice presidents

Emma Bridgewater

Pottery designer and businesswoman Emma Bridgewater is our president, joining us in 2016 and becoming a driving force behind our new brand and purpose as CPRE The countryside charity.

Emma is a household name for her popular pottery designs, with her business employing 270 craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent. A former resident of rural Norfolk, now living in Oxfordshire, Emma is a joyous advocate of the wellbeing time in the countryside brings, but has a clear perspective on the pressures our countryside faces and is passionate about the benefits of urban regeneration. She has been particularly vocal in supporting CPRE’s campaign to prioritise investment in brownfield land over releasing further greenfield sites for development and in our push for an all-in deposit return system.

Ali Miraj

Ali Miraj is a social entrepreneur, political commentator, DJ and financier. In 2012, he founded the Contrarian Prize which recognises the independence, courage and sacrifice of British public figures whose ideas challenge the status quo.

He has had a deep affection for the English countryside and strongly believes in the importance of people connecting with the beauty and tranquillity of nature. He served as a CPRE trustee from 2009–2014.

Dame Fiona Reynolds DBE

Dame Fiona Reynolds DBE became Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 2012. Before this, she was Director-General of the National Trust, where she raised the profile of the trust’s work in the countryside.

Fiona was previously Director of the Council for the Protection of Rural England (now Campaign to Protect Rural England) and Secretary to the Council for National Parks (now Campaign to Protect National Parks).

Fiona holds many non-Executive roles and is a Member of the Advisory Panel for the Dasgupta Review of the Economics of Biodiversity. She was also was a Panel Member for the Glover Review of Protected Landscapes and Adviser to the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission.