Our achievements and history

Line of people spreading arms to celebrate walking up rolling hills
CPRE staff celebrate the joy of the countryside in the South Downs National Park Mark Slater

We’ve been stepping forward for the countryside for almost a century, and our work at national and local level is continuing to make an impact.

However you support us – through your time, voice or money – you’ll be joining a movement that is proud of the work we’ve done to help people live, work and play in the countryside we have today.

You might remember us as ‘The Campaign to Protect Rural England’ – our previous name, and one of several in our long history. But one thing hasn’t changed: we’re continually contributing to making sure we have a thriving and beautiful countryside that everyone can enjoy now, and in the future.

Our big successes of recent years are highlighted below and you can see a run-through of our whole history on the decades listed.

We’ve also shared our most recent annual reviews so you can see the variety of work in which we’re involved.