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Donate in memory

Person and dog walking on beach with sand and cliffs at sunset

By leaving a donation in memory, you can commemorate the life of a loved one by celebrating their cherished memories of the English countryside.

Donate in memory of a loved one

Whether it’s walking through windswept moors with beloved companions or strolling along the sandy beaches as waves crash along the coastline, our memories define us.

For over 90 years, CPRE, the countryside charity, has led the way in sustaining the beauty of the English countryside and we are dedicated to continuing its regeneration.

By leaving a donation in memory of a loved one, you can have confidence that CPRE will continue to promote, enhance and protect the countryside for generations to come. By preserving the beauty of the countryside, we can make those treasured memories everlasting.

How to donate

You can make donations in memory to CPRE through funeral collections, one-time donations and tribute funds.

You can donate over the phone by calling 020 7981 2800, or send cheques made payable to CPRE, the countryside charity and address them to Donations in Memory, CPRE, 15-21 Provost Street, London, N1 7NH.

How to create a tribute fund

Creating a tribute fund in memory of a loved one is a special way to celebrate their life. For help in creating your own everlasting and unique tribute, please contact the Legacy Officer at or call 020 7891 2800.

Ann Rosemary Sayer

A tribute fund for Ann Rosemary Sayer

In tribute to a trailblazer, pioneer and countryside champion. Gifts in her memory will help protect footpaths and walking routes and give more children access to the countryside.


A tribute to Ann Rosemary Sayer
Lucinda Lourie

A tribute fund for Lucinda Lourie

Dedicated to the memory of Lucinda Lourie, who loved nature, the arts and the countryside.

A tribute to Lucinda Lourie