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Social media guidelines

Social media plays an important role in our mission to promote, enhance and protect the countryside for generations to come. As well as being a space to share about how you can support our campaigns, it’s also a great tool for us to celebrate everything that we love about our countryside and green spaces.

To keep things friendly, we have put together some simple guidelines that we ask our community to follow. These guidelines cover the social media channels we have a presence on including X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and YouTube:

Be civil

Treat others with dignity and respect when interacting.

Keep it clean

Do not post content or comments that are discriminatory, obscene, harassing, hateful, threatening, profane or abusive in nature.

Stay truthful

Please avoid posting anything that could be considered fraudulent, suspicious, or misleading. Unintentional factual errors are fine, but we reserve the right to correct them.

Stay on topic

Please refrain from posting spam content such as self-promotion, link-baiting, clickbait, irrelevant links, advertising, or anything along these lines.

CPRE does not and will not tolerate prejudice and hate, whether it comes from one of our supporters or members of the public. That’s why we will robustly deal with any hateful and/or discriminatory comments whether it is directed at a named person, member of staff or volunteer. This may involve hiding any offensive comments, and where this occurs, we will let you know your comment has been hidden because it has gone against our community guidelines. In more severe cases, we may ban users who repeatedly refuse to follow these guidelines.

Our social media channels are monitored by our social media team between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

(Last updated: September 2023)