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Our Green Belt

Our Green Belt Photo © Liz Reynolds

Share your photos, stories and memories to show the Government why the Green Belt needs to be better protected.

England’s 14 Green Belts provide fresh air and open spaces for 30 million people. They’re places to exercise, take part in hobbies, relax and appreciate nature. Green Belts are also essential in stopping urban sprawl and in reducing the effects of climate change.

But the Green Belt is shrinking and is increasingly under threat from development. Unless we work to protect it, we’ll continue to lose this precious resource.               

Help us protect England’s Green Belts

People have been letting us know why #ourgreenbelt is important to them, so we can show the Government why it needs to be protected. And you can help - by submitting your stories, memories and photos of the Green Belt to CPRE’s Our Green Belt website.

Do you go to your Green Belt to take part in a hobby, get some exercise or just to get away from it all? Have you discovered a hidden spot or an amazing view? Do you have special memories of the Green Belt?  Share with us on the Our Green Belt site and help make sure the Green Belt gets the protection it needs.

Tell us why the Green Belt is important to you.

View other submissions on Our Green Belt.

Map of Green Belt in England

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