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Litter and recycling

Litter and waste spoils our enjoyment of the countryside and can be harmful to wildlife and people. Waste in our countryside pollutes our soils, rivers and oceans. Excessive and single-use packaging costs money to remove, destroy or recycle, and contributes to the climate emergency. It’s time for change.

We run projects, activities and campaigns all across the country to reduce litter and waste, working with local partners and empowering communities to clean and celebrate their much-loved landscapes.

We want to reduce waste, including harmful plastics and other single-use packaging, to enhance and protect our natural spaces and our climate. That’s why we’re calling for a comprehensive deposit return system for all drinks containers, a commonly littered item, to increase recycling of these items to over 90%.

We’re working toward a litter and waste free countryside for everyone. Join us in making our countryside healthy, clean and tranquil.