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Help with planning: some key resources

A small boy holds up a map with the countryside visible behind
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What is planning, why should you care about it and how can you get involved?

It can be a confusing topic, and we know that it really helps with local campaigns to improve your area or protect the countryside if you can feel confident in understanding the planning rules.

Here are a few of our most-used practical guides to help you make sense of it all and influence the future of your local area.

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How to respond to planning applications

Know of a local application for new development near you? Here’s our handy 8-step guide about how to add your voice to the decision-making,


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Crowds of people viewing outdoor boards showing new buildings

How to shape where you live: a guide to neighbourhood planning

We can all help make our local areas the best they can be by helping to create Neighbourhood Plans.

Here’s our guide to helping get your community involved in creating the best possible places to live.

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Hand holding a marker pen and sketching a diagram

Planning explained: how to influence Local Plans

This guide shows you how to get involved with the creation of a Local Plan – a crucial part of the system which influences how your area might change in the future.

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How to challenge bad developments in court

If you or your community are worried about a planned or approval development proposal, you might choose to consider action to question the decision.

Here’s how you might go about that process.

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Find even more planning help locally

Remember, CPRE has a local group in every area. These local CPRE groups know your neck of the woods well, and so for more support with individual planning applications and other local planning issues do make contact with them.