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Renewable energy

Woman in front of rooftop solar panels

Renewable energy is key to a thriving countryside.

We’re working for a countryside that everyone can enjoy free from the effects of air pollution and climate breakdown. And this means getting more of our energy from wind, sunlight, and hydropower.

Photovoltaic solar panels on roof providing electricity by sun energy to office buildings

Our rooftop solar campaign

We’re running a campaign to urge the government to fully realise the potential of solar on rooftops. Be a part of it, and help us kick start a rooftop revolution.

Join our campaign
Farmland with wind turbines in background

Community Energy Visioning

CPRE has been developing an alternative approach to planning renewable energy in the countryside. This approach recognises the importance of local landscapes, gives a voice to rural communities, and empowers local people to pro-actively prepare for a future with more renewable energy.

Explore Community Energy Visioning