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Countryside for all

Black Lives Matter banner in Dorset landscape with protesters
Black Lives Matter protesters unfurl their banner on Colmers Hill, Dorset James Loveridge

The countryside has the potential to enrich all our lives. From finding space to breathe in a vast open landscape to exploring hidden corners with loved ones, it holds so many health and wellbeing benefits. But for too many people, the countryside feels like a luxury they can’t access.

CPRE was founded with the aim of ensuring a countryside for everyone, and we hold just as true to that charitable mission now. Research shows huge differences in engagement with nature and the countryside depending on people’s backgrounds and identities. We want to help remove the hurdles that prevent people from engaging with the countryside.

We want a countryside for all.

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Participant-led research into countryside access

We’re working with a number of grassroots groups, campaigners and people who have struggled to access the countryside to explore how, together, we can ensure more people connect with and experience it.

In our 2020-21 research, we wanted to better understand the impact that race might have and learn about the barriers to the countryside from people with lived experience.

And we’re still working to ensure that the countryside near to where people live, and importantly near to lower-income areas, is protected, promoted and enhanced.

We’ve been sharing a range of stories that show the variety of experiences and connections to the countryside as well as examples of why the countryside isn’t free and easy to get to for everyone.

There’ll more to come as we work on co-creating a project with leading experts on equal access.

Read about the research

Children sit with a gardener and explore seeds in a garden

CPRE connecting people to green spaces

With funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund and thanks to National Lottery players, we’ve been able to work with communities across England to help them get out into green spaces and enjoy all the opportunities, wellness and benefit that they bring.

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