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Draft Environmental Statement for phase 1 of High Speed 2

Response by CPRE to the HS2 Ltd Consultation

CPRE welcomes the opportunity to comment, though this is perhaps more of an outline Environmental Statement (ES) than a draft one. We hope that the consultation period for the formal ES will be longer and data will be provided in advance where possible. The lack of information about the Zone of Theoretical Visibility or maximum noise levels makes it difficult to assess the full impact on the countryside at this stage.



Draft National Networks National Policy Statement

Response by CPRE to the Department for Transport's consultation

CPRE welcomes the publication of this National Policy Statement (NPS), as we have long called for strategic transport policy to be set out in one place. We believe, however that this draft NPS is fundamentally flawed and should be substantially revised. In particular it fails to consider reasonable alternatives to major road-building, has a clumsy definition of national need for infrastructure and, taken as a whole, would weaken protection of nationally designated landscapes and Green Belt.


Formal Environmental Statement for phase 1 of High Speed 2

CPRE is concerned about HS2 Ltd's approach to mitigation, the lack of any long-term funding for mitigation, the lack of mechanisms to make sure environmental commitments are kept to and the lack of explanation how HS2 is being designed to fit in with local landscape character. Wider impacts of HS2, such as on patterns of development and land use, including the impact on the Green Belt, are not being assessed properly.


Future Investment in the North's Transport Infrastructure

While CPRE supports improving rail connectivity between Northern cities, such improvements should go hand-in-hand with local transport upgrades. Investing in public transport, cycling and walking networks that serve towns and villages can be as transformative as big schemes that tend to gather more of the limelight. Indeed it will be essential to improve the economy beyond the big cities if the north is to catch up with the rest of England.


Get Britain Cycling

Written evidence from the Campaign to Protect Rural England for the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group inquiry

CPRE believes there is just as strong a case to make it easier and safer to cycle in rural as in urban areas. Besides setting out why, this evidence shows how cycling needs to be integrated into different areas of government and policy, from neighbourhood planning via Local Transport Boards to cross-departmental co-ordination within Government.


Getting back on track

Why new thinking is needed about High Speed Rail

The debate on High Speed Rail (HSR) offers a once in a generation opportunity to achieve a more countryside friendly transport system. The potential benefits of HSR are not, however, a foregone conclusion. The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) therefore supports the principle of HSR but believes the detail, including the context, of proposals such as High Speed 2 (HS2) needs to be carefully planned.


High Speed Rail

Next steps for the new Secretary of State

This report by Right Lines Charter signatories recommends next steps on High Speed Rail for the new Secretary of State, ahead of imminent decisions on phase 1 of High Speed 2 (HS2).


High Speed Rail - CPRE consultation response

This document is CPRE's consultation response to the Department for Transport's consultation on High Speed Rail that ended in July 2011. CPRE welcomes the Government’s ambition to make rail the longer distance transport mode of choice. We support the principle of High Speed 2 between London and the Midlands as part of the step change in rail capacity that would be needed to achieve this. However, we consider the current proposals and process by which they have been drawn up and are being consulted on to be flawed in a number of respects. In particular there is no broader national transport strategy to judge the proposals against.


Highways England

A CPRE policy briefing

In April 2015 a new company called Highways England took control of major roads. This is biggest shake-up in over a generation as to how the road network is run. This briefing explains how the new company will work, where its funding is focused and the opportunities for engaging with it to protect the countryside and rebalance the transport system towards smarter travel.


HSR Bill Lords petition presentation

This was CPRE's presentation to the High Speed Rail Bill Committee of the House of Lords, summarising key points from our petition against High Speed 2 (HS2). It focuses on three areas: design, climate & energy and transport.


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