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This is the model developed by Transport for Quality of Life to measure the cost of providing an every village every hour bus network across England.

CPRE and Transport for Quality of Life are making this model available on the web in order to help advance the much-needed debate about how rural public transport can be transformed for the better and how to pay for it. We hope that the large body of people who are dedicated to and expert in local bus services, both as providers and as users, will find that it is a resource that enables them to make a stronger case for investment in local bus improvements.

As a first step, the model is being made available on an equivalent basis to the Creative Commons ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs’ licence, meaning that users are welcome to download the model, run it and share it, so long as Transport for Quality of Life and CPRE are credited, but it cannot be changed or used commercially.

Requests for permission to develop the model to provide more precision or to add other locally-specific outputs should be directed to CPRE.

Neither CPRE nor Transport for Quality of Life can accept any responsibility for the use of this model by any third party. All model outputs should be taken as indicative rather than precise.

Every village, every hour 2021 bus report: model

Added 22 March 2021
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