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We join hundreds of organisations in saying ‘thank you’ to volunteers

1 June 2020

Volunteers have been pivotal to our nation’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, and this Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June 2020), we’re delighted to be championing their role in making sure our countryside thrives. CPRE, the countryside charity, is coming together with hundreds of organisations to say a massive thank you to all volunteers.

Volunteers have played a vital role in our society, from supporting through the winter floods to helping the nation through the coronavirus pandemic. They will go on to play a crucial role in helping the nation as we ease out of lockdown. By joining forces in Volunteers’ Week 2020, we are aiming to increase the visibility of the vital efforts that all volunteers have made this year.

Crispin Truman, our chief executive, said:

‘Volunteers truly are the lifeblood of a thriving countryside. We need to make sure we see a green recovery from the coronavirus, and volunteers will be critical in making this happen. We’ll be taking this week to thank our wonderful volunteers at CPRE, the countryside charity.’

Volunteers at CPRE are sharing their experiences, with inspiring stories from before the lockdown of local activism, conservation such as path-building and hedgelaying alongside tales of their response to supporting neighbours through the lockdown. From fundraising for a new community bus in Herefordshire to sharing strategy and management skills, the lengths to which our volunteers go is astounding.

Janet Gee, a volunteer for CPRE Warwickshire, has been working to develop a strategic plan for the local group using her years of management experience to harness and better use the enthusiasm of other volunteers.

Commenting on her experience, Janet said:

‘My heart has always been in the countryside. I grew up on a smallholding, so I was surrounded by nature and greenery from an early age. When I joined CPRE I drew on my management experience, and understanding of parish councils and the planning system to improve the way we work.

‘I was very impressed with CPRE’s national strategic plan, so I drafted our own local version which I hope will be adopted soon. Our strategy shows us how to use our resources wisely. I’m looking forward to devoting more time to this, and leaving a positive legacy: it’s good to feel you’ve done something useful with your time on the planet.’

For more information, please see Volunteering or read some of our volunteers’ stories.

Please call our Media Relations Lead, Jonathan Jones, on 020 7981 2819 / 078 3529 1907 for further information.