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Going on a chilly winter walk? Time to play our walk bingo!

Lewis Townsend
Charlie Jordin
By Lewis Townsend & Charlie Jordin

Time to game on against your family and friends: print out our four winter walk bingo cards and see what you can spot on your wintry strolls. Ready? It’s time to play BINGO!

We all love a chilly winter walk. Wrapped up warm, stomping through ice or snow, and ideally with a hot drink at the end to thaw out.

To celebrate our love of frosty or festive walks, we’ve come up with a way to make your strolls with family and friends even more exciting. Ready to gamify your Boxing Day leg stretch, or get competitive on your regular dog walk? Read on.

We’ve created four bingo cards for you to print out and take along. Use as many as you need and if you’re in a big gaggle, form teams and share a card in a team.

A green bingo card in a grid shape
Take on the family in our winter walk bingo | CPRE

So pop on those winter boots, get prepped for the great outdoors using our handy checklist, choose your favourite winter walk near you and get ready to play some serious winter bingo!

Download CPRE winter walk bingo

Young boy pointing in chilly forest
Liven up your winter walks by spotting things to complete your bingo card and beat the family Annie Spratt / Unsplash


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