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Join our Centenary Circle

Young family holding hands walking on a path in the woods
Abigail Oliver

Become a member of CPRE’s Centenary Circle and help us shape a countryside where people and nature can thrive.

Why join Centenary Circle now

We’re approaching our centenary in 2026 – and it will mark a century of CPRE campaigning to promote, enhance and protect the countryside, the communities who live there and those who cherish it.

Since we were created, we’ve helped make sure there are iconic landscapes for everyone to enjoy, and countryside to provide space for us to work and play. But now we are responding to the biggest challenge yet – the climate emergency. Already our country is feeling the impact of the climate breakdown, as extreme weather becomes more common. The countryside right on our doorstep is one of our mightiest allies in tackling this crisis. So many of the answers are at our fingertips and by pushing for nature-based solutions we can make a real difference.

With a commitment of at least £5,000 a year, your support as a Centenary Circle member will help us to empower local communities and drive change in the countryside we all love so much.

'The countryside is where I grew up and where I live today – it’s part of who I am. As a successful entrepreneur and investor I know the countryside can provide many of the solutions we need to tackle the biggest problem facing our planet: climate change'
Deborah Meaden, CPRE Centenary Circle member

Our movement

At CPRE, we know people power makes a difference. Our campaigning and lobbying successes are underpinned by our dedicated research and strong partnerships with organisations, such as Greenpeace, Shelter and the Woodland Trust, to have real impact on government decision-making. CPRE’s national network of local groups provide an ideal route through which activities to resist climate change can be promoted and rolled out.

What to expect

As part of the Centenary Circle, you’ll support a range of initiatives, from planting new hedgerows, sustaining soils and restoring peatlands, to delivering renewable energy projects that put communities first, creating a countryside for everyone.

Benefits of joining include:

• Receiving regular updates about our projects
• Invitations to attend exclusive events
• Acknowledgement of your support on our website and in our annual review
• Priority access to our ground-breaking reports before they launch

Making a difference

Over the past century, we have championed the countryside and the communities within it, becoming well known as effective campaigners and advocates. We believe in countryside and green spaces that are accessible to all, rich in nature and playing a crucial role in responding to the climate emergency. We stand for a countryside that enriches all of our lives, regenerating our wellbeing, and that we in turn regenerate, protect and celebrate. Without you, our work simply wouldn’t be possible.

Your support as a Centenary Circle member can help us in many ways, recent examples of our campaign successes include:

• In 2019, after our hard-hitting campaign, the government dropped plans to fast-track the planning process for fracking – and then halted fracking altogether.

• In 2021, CPRE launched #40by50 to get government commitment to a target of 40% more hedgerows by 2050. We’ve already planted or restored 18 kilometres of hedgerows, with five CPRE local groups mobilising 500 volunteers, 17 schools and colleges as part of our Hedgerow Heroes project. In 2022, a further ten CPRE local groups are set to restore even more hedgerows as part of this project.

• Most recently, our campaign calling on the government to give communities the power to shape their future – and drop plans to deregulate planning –– has gained huge support. But there’s so much more to do . . .

Delivering a brighter, better future

We need your help to continue with this work, including:

• Ensuring commitment to tackling climate change is featured in any future planning reforms
• Confirmed commitment from government to make sure we have 40% more hedgerows by 2050
• Support and protection of our soils and appreciation of their vital role in carbon sequestering

Act now

We hope you’re inspired to join our Centenary Circle and champion nature-based solutions to the climate crisis. A commitment of at least £5,000 per year will help fund our continued effort to tackle this emergency, while putting local people front and centre, and protecting our countryside for generations to come.

A hand picking a blackberry from a hedgerow on a summer's day

Be part of our Centenary Circle

Your support can help us deliver a better future for the countryside and our planet.

For more information or to become a member of Centenary Circle, please contact or call 020 7981 2800 to speak to us direct.