Star Count 2020: watch this space

A view of starry skies, with some flare from lights near the horizon, over the roof of houses
Eyes to the skies: each year we ask for 'citizen scientists' to look to the heavens and count stars to help us assess light pollution levels

This year’s Star Count saw over two thousand of you send us your night sky counts. Now, it’s time for some number-crunching.

We think that dark and starry skies are a special part of our countryside. Nothing beats looking upwards to see velvety blackness, with twinkling constellations as far as the eye can see.

The best way to see how many stars we can all see in the sky is… to count them! We asked people to become ‘citizen scientists’ for one week in February 2020, and a record-breaking number of you took part. Thank you!

What next?

Your Star Count results will help us to make a map of where star-spotters are enjoying deep, dark skies. We’ll be able to show where light pollution is most serious, and work with local councils and others to decide what to do about it.

We’ll analyse the findings and share what we learn here, so watch this space!

The 2020 Star Count was supported by the British Astronomical Association.