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Craig Ireton – 2024 Volunteer Awards

Craig was the first Network Assembly coordinator at CPRE, starting in his role in May 2023. The CPRE Assembly brings together representatives from all 42 national and local CPRE’s to shape, influence and advise what happens with CPRE, nationally and locally. The establishment of the Assembly has been a significant innovation in the governance of CPRE and Craig’s efforts have helped immensely in getting it into good running order.

Over the past year, Craig has supported the Assembly Chair to organise and ensure the smooth-running of Assembly meetings, which has been essential to ensuring that CPRE can respond cohesively to environmental challenges at a time of rapid change. Craig’s responsibilities have ranged from calling for papers for the quarterly Assembly meetings, to constructing the agenda in collaboration with the Chair and sending this out, along with key papers, to branch Chairs and their representatives.

Craig also took extensive minutes of Assembly meetings which always admirably captured all aspects of the discussions at the Assembly. He kept track of the lists of Chairs and their representatives too, which is no easy task! He accomplished all this with great cheerfulness and attention to detail. Now that Craig has taken the decision to stand down from his role, we’d like to recognise and say thank you for his brilliant contribution to CPRE and the Network Assembly.