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Volunteer awards 2022

Each year CPRE local groups make awards to people who have volunteered and inspired them.

Head and shoulders of young woman with sunglasses on and lake behind her.

Sarah Aherne​

CPRE London nominated Sarah for the award for growing their capability and capacity with her dedication and enthusiasm.

In April 2020, CPRE London launched an initiative to bring additional volunteer skills and capacity to support day-to-day activities. It soon became clear that they needed a volunteer co-ordinator to ensure that our volunteers had a great experience volunteering with us.

Sarah joined in July 2020. Since then, she’s made an invaluable contribution and the group now have 15 volunteers. Working with the wider CPRE London team, Sarah has overseen the recruitment process to attract good candidates for each role. She oversees the welcome and induction of new volunteers and has recently developed a ‘volunteer journey’ to guide each stage of a volunteers’ time with us.

Sarah recently developed a strategy for the future of volunteering at CPRE London for which she has gained full support from the board of trustees.

Older man in checked shirt with hand on fence

Colin Adsley​

Colin has provided support and motivation as chair of CPRE Northumberland for the past five years, and as a volunteer for many years before that. He’s undoubtedly inspired many other CPRE Northumberland volunteers along the way.

Colin’s evident love of the countryside, is expressed in a word from his home country of Wales; the beautifully untranslatable ‘hiraeth’. He lives out this deeply-felt connection pragmatically, in his rural explorations, his conversations with others, and his unstinting service to CPRE Northumberland.

Colin is hardworking and repeatedly rolled up his sleeves and applied himself to tasks which were completely new to him to gain an impressive level of mastery, such as  embracing the management of the CPRE Northumberland website and learning about the planning system. He’s been described as ‘Humble, self-effacing, generous, and quick to give people credit, writing beautiful emails describing his profound appreciation of others.’

Man sitting on silver birch trunk in bluebell woods

​Terry Over

Nominated by CPRE Hertfordshire, Terry received the connecting people with the countryside award for outstanding service to the county group as a trustee and for promoting sustainability and education through the group’s children’s art competition, awards programme, and his written articles.

Terry has been a trustee of CPRE Hertfordshire for two years, quickly earning the respect of colleagues with his proactivity and willingness to roll up his sleeves and help with a wide range of CPRE’s activities. These include writing for our website and newsletters, and managing the refurbishment of CPRE Hertfordshire’s office, including the installation of a new roof with a solar panel. For the art competition, which encourages young children to engage with the environment through creating a piece of nature-based art, Terry invited every primary school in the county, over 400 in total, to take part.

Terry spearheaded a new programme of follow-up visits to past recipients of CPRE Hertfordshire Awards. These visits will help to forge an ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship with the people and projects previously recognised.

Kate Fielden

Kate has made an outstanding contribution to CPRE Wiltshire over the past 36 years.

She’s brought invaluable knowledge of history and context thanks to her background as an archaeologist to help protect the North Wessex Downs AONB, the famous Kennet chalk stream and Wiltshire’s many historic villages from unsuitable development.

Her greatest contribution to CPRE has been her work with the Stonehenge Alliance. As an archaeologist she understands the complexity of the situation and has enabled the alliance to clearly communicate their concerns about the controversial changes proposed.

Andrew Powles

Andrew initiated a project to re-engage parish councils in the Northamptonshire area whose membership of CPRE has lapsed. Thanks to his contact, many of these parish councils have re-joined CPRE.

His success has prompted the membership team at national CPRE to do the same and also encourage other local CPREs to do the same. This has had a very positive impact and has increased our membership retention.

David Hook

David has given a valuable contribution to CPRE Norfolk over many years. He’s led national work on light pollution, as well as many campaigns in Norfolk, such as the recent challenge at the planning enquiry for the Greater Norwich Local Plan.

David is passionate and tireless in ensuring the CPRE message is always at the forefront of the county group’s work.

Margaret Cockbill

A member of CPRE in East Yorkshire since 1995, and chair for many years, Margaret has been championing the countryside for future generations to enjoy. She spearheaded many campaigns to protect rural communities and the countryside from inappropriate development. Margaret initiated the first bid to see the Yorkshire Wolds become an AONB, we are delighted that Natural England is finally considering its designation.

East Yorkshire, one of the largest unitary counties in England, covering two heritage coasts, the Humber Bank, coastal communities, and large swathes of rural villages sitting alongside Hull, one of the countries most deprived cities in England. Margaret was instrumental in her work to help protect and promote rural life and the countryside in East Yorkshire, being active on many committees and boards which help shape the area. She is well known and respected across the county for her dedication so is well deserving of her lifetime achievement award for outstanding dedication and commitment to CPRE East Yorkshire.