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Leicestershire: A Heritage at Risk

Hunting, hosiery, pork pies and cheese is what Leicestershire is best known for, according to this film produced in 1970 for the local branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, then known as the Council for the Protection of Rural England. Leicestershire may have been regarded as England's least known county, but historic landmarks and characterful villages have always made it ripe for discovery.

We’re able to bring this to you thanks to the Media Archive for Central England (MACE), which is the public screen archive for the East and West Midlands. MACE acquires, catalogues, preserves and makes widely available moving image materials that inform our understanding of the diverse cultures and histories of communities between the Lincolnshire coast and the Welsh border.

There's more to Leicestershire than hunting, hosiery, pork pies and cheese!

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