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Calling all graduates...

Calling all graduates...

For the past three years, CPRE has run an annual graduate scheme, employing three recent graduates for 12 months at the beginning of their career. The scheme is designed to help those new to the sector gain an understanding of campaigning and policy, while helping to deliver CPRE’s cutting-edge influencing and advocacy projects.

Aside from being a friendly, welcoming place to work, the flexibility and independence offered by the scheme makes for a wonderful stepping stone into the sector - previous graduates’ next roles have been at the Ramblers, Defra and The Climate Coalition to name just a few!

This year’s graduate scheme cohort - Tom, Izzy and Mair - are keen to share their experiences.


During our time at CPRE, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about how campaigning organisations and charities function, as well as being exposed to the environmental sector as a whole. Although it is hard to pick a highlight, these are some of many:

Tom: ‘My personal highlight was being in the viewing gallery in the House of Commons to see the government’s plans to fast-track fracking debated in the main chamber on the back of our campaigning on the issue. Many of the MPs used the arguments that we’d prepared in briefings for the debate and CPRE received several shoutouts.’ 

Izzy: ‘I extremely enjoyed working with the children of Damers First School and Newsround to organise a meeting with Michael Gove, Secretary of State for the Environment, discussing the need for an ambitious deposit return system. The meeting was a real success, highlighting the power of young people’s voices.’

Mair: ‘My personal highlights have included researching and putting together our responses to some important and topical Government consultations on diverse topics such as a review of National Parks and Biodiversity Net Gain.’


Starting your career can be a daunting time and naturally, there are challenges along the way. That said, CPRE has provided a supportive environment to overcome our tentative first steps in the sector.

Tom: ‘A particular challenge for me has been taking on project management responsibilities. Whilst all this entailed proved slightly intimidating at first, I’ve been able to ensure that the project runs smoothly as well as develop skills which will stand me in good stead for the future.’

Izzy:‘Keeping up to speed with Government in a time of political uncertainty was initially a daunting prospect, however, getting stuck in and asking for help when needed eased my concerns and helped me grow in confidence.’

Mair: ‘CPRE is known for our reports and strong evidence base. However, collecting and analysing this data can sometimes appear overwhelming. Our recent report on brownfield development required significant attention to detail but as a result, received significant media coverage and traction with politicians.’

Most rewarding

CPRE provides a safe space to learn and grow in confidence, while also offering the freedom to explore topics we believe are important. This has allowed us all to experience particularly rewarding moments.

Tom: ‘I’ve found it invaluable to speak with the local communities who our campaigns affect at the local level, be that anti-fracking campaigners in Yorkshire or residents of rural villages with poor access to public transport in the North East.’

Izzy: ‘I have valued the opportunity to get to know the supporters of CPRE, working together to create campaigns and engagement activities which encourage communities to enjoy and enhance our countryside, while collecting data to influence nationwide policy.’

Mair: ‘I have welcomed the opportunity to meet colleagues and peers from across the sector and work in partnership with other organisations. I’ve similarly enjoyed taking the chance to represent CPRE at events and to join the wider environmental sector in meeting with Defra.’

CPRE is now recruiting for the next cohort of graduates 2019/2020, make sure to apply before the deadline on 1 July 2019. For more information on the role and the fantastic benefits which the graduate scheme can bring, please find further information here, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This year’s graduate scheme cohort - Tom, Izzy and Mair - share their experiences.

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